Dear Hash,

Dear Hash, is a generative art piece that uses p5js to create beautiful abstract "letters". These letters bring the generated 0x... hash that a collector triggered during minting, front and center. The hash is the driving force behind all AB projects, and it's what drives all possible outcomes. Every artist uses it in their own special way to manipulate their paintings. In Dear Hash, it controls attributes such as message theme, and letter length. Below are just some sample poems to stimulate your own letter interpretation. Enjoy. ⭑・゚゚・*:༅。.。༅:*゚・⭑ (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ *:・゚✧ 0x... ✧゚・: *

Neutral Letter

  • Dear Hash, ______________ ________ _______________ ___________________ __________ ___________________ ______________ _________________ ________ _________.

Excited Letter

  • The wooden coaster is reaching the top. Hearts racing, hands up in the air, feeling like that split second just before you jump off the plane until you deploy the parachute. cotton candy on one hand, the other holding the hand of the one you love. “I wanna go faster. I wanna go higher,” she says. Lake water is warm. Jet ski engine roars and off they go. His arms around her waist as they twist, turn and scream. They laugh as the water splashes on their face. They sit on their bikes, and take off. Villas to their left , blue ocean on their right. She speeds off, he catches up to her. A water break allows them to look at one another as if they were seeing each other for the first time. Every time. They compete in sports, agree in love and never compromise when it comes to excitement.

Naugthy Letter

  • (‿!‿)ԅ(≖⌣≖ԅ) 。*゚.(っ ᐛ )っ( • )( • )ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)。*゚.*.( ´・ω・)っ╰⋃╯

Ambiguous Letter

  • Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall of the old woman who lived in a shoe. Jack and Jill played ring around the rosie before going up the hill to fetch a pail of water. A tissue, a tissue. We all fall down the rabbit hole. We come up to see that London Bridge is falling down. On one side of the bridge is Mary Mary quite contrary smiling down at the three blind mice. The ladies said here we go round the mulberry bush before singing rock-a-bye baby to their little ones. Eeny, meeny, miny, mo, catch a tiger by the toe. A tiger!?

Calm Letter

  • São sete e meia numa noite fria. Escuto o vento fazendo as folhas cantarem. Jantei, guardei e limpei tudo. Acendo minha lareira. Levo uma xícara de chá de camomila para minha poltrona favorita. Me cubro com uma colcha de lã. Abro meu diário pensando no dia que me trouxe a esta noite. As chamas estalam do meu lado, me acompanhando até o sono chegar.

Growth Letter

  • Growth is a hyper-loop with no governor speeding its way to an infinite destination. It has no limits; no boundaries and an immeasurable amount of possibilities. It can happen independently, or concurrently. As fast as pond water moves, or at multiples of the speed of light. Will we always be able to control the speed in how it grows? Do we care? We should. Growth is growing exponentially. If you can think it, you can do it. Are we ready for the day that sensory organs become obsolete? Do we care?`

Playfull Letter

  • You have it in you (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)ε`●) ♡
    ...have some fun writing a poem for your hash ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Dark Letter

  • Yeah, school taught me geometry. It taught me to be attracted to places that look good on the outside but are empty on the inside. I sit here and put my last bill and false hope in a shiny box and pull the lever. Full of guilt, self-hate and defeated, I retreat to my room. A room with a view. I can’t see my house, can’t see my school, can’t see anything but bright lights. I close the curtain for there are no bright lights inside of me. I run a bath; one last dip before I carve intricate geometric shapes on my body. The water is getting cold and red. I got an A in geometry. Will I be missed? I think not. But at least my teacher would be proud.

Encrypted Letter

  • p9VAcuYj3f31uQv qwQdYGk08VGPBPiOvvWQs lxzmyyjiMto OscVw8vlROYX gp8oNys3O OVIadC7FfH6GGnZE /2+MgYEWmo2RV9tP3 xvtlMw1m3H2FVlzy tQC1uf0HWFc5nQ+j4e KTQWOt7ZfsfvZalIGTyrI3+bpYW/0LMN1/ Qn08gX m/WsMrcprFy7IJGU7vj 9m3RMHzlrwQZar8KyqqJe0XUqo6yOvGvT W2V7ki3SjVkBfhOhFf+7OWpAyqXvS lwDZaAYNX6aL9XAdxpFwWSFq koBGEvdXOq+UGOlifdmZM92b1E3UD60BN gwlbVup5ILOR/0uoLZm7jJdx9C/Lg==

Happy Letter

  • Take a number, then skip the line. Say you’re sorry with a grin. Change the game, bend the rules. Bang the drums on a classical piece. Dance with a stranger. Blow kisses toward thin air. Write a love letter to yourself. Live, give, love. Let the world hear the happiness through the cool beats of your heart.

Love Letter

  • In the days I dream of you giving my doorbell a ring.
    Door opens my love’s not there, a pang, a zinger, a sting.
    I'm outside wishing, the trade winds my love may bring.
    When that day doth come, my mind, my heart, my soul a sweet song shall sing.

AirDrop Info

Hi👋🤓 Dear Hash collectors, the Love, Happy, and Encrypted letters was an AirDrop called
"Yours truly,". All collectors who originally minted a DearHash, letter from AB got a chance of getting these special letters. There were a whopping 177 unique collectors 👏👏👏 and 55 Yours truly, were delivered. Thank you all for minting.

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


Minted Amount Letter Type Collectors Percentage Rewarded Winners Amount
1 - 2 Encrypted 147 25% 37
3 - 10 Happy 25 50% 13
>= 11 Love 5 100% 5
177 55

56 total techinicaly since I'll keep mint #0 🐺